Tailormade mentoring for you.

Christer, with 25 years of top management and mentoring success, offers tailormade mentoring to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

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My book is officially a bestseller!

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How far can you go?

Explore the transformative programs and services offered by Christer’s mentorship. All goals are individual, what you dream to achieve is all up to you. Together we can:

Discover who you are and explore your personality

Clarify your goals and desires

Achieve and surpass your goals with a strategic approach.

Boost your confidence and shape your identity for the life you want

Gain valuable knowledge, insights, and practical tools for a better life

About Christer

Christer has a master degree in business and economics from Norwegian School of Management and senior management courses from INSEAD. He has created great results with his teams for more than 25 years. For 5 years he has been mentor helping clients creating great results.

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Picture of the book "Be daring. Be different" by Christer Johnsen
Be daring. Be different.

My bestselling book

Explore the power of visualization, self-growth, and the importance of thinking outside the box.

I have read your book from start to the end. I am very impatient and I want to get to the point as soon as possible to not lose time. It’s great!!  Now I understand why I have succeeded with a number of goals in life and why I differ from the crowd. Some of my achievements has not been a coincidence.

Now I am even more eager to meet my goals as soon as possible. I already have a plan that hopefully can change my life to the better within 6 months

Nina, 48 years

Frequently asked questions

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What topics does Christer Johnsen cover?

Christer defines success to be "that you live the life you really want". In Christer Johnsen's mentoring programs we cover all you need to understand to create the life you really want. His philosophies are based on his best selling book "Be Daring Be Different". We explore your personality, the power of your mind, the power of acting now, how to set goals, how to reach goals, and how you master your mind every to create the life you really want.

Is one-on-one mentoring available?

The opportunity for one-on-one mentoring with Christer is not for everyone. It is for a very specific person who wants the highest level of personalized mentoring and coaching. You are eager for change, you are coachable, and you are ready to do what it takes to create your success.

How do I know if I am qualified to attend?

That is up to you to decide. If you think that our programs can help you, you can book a strategy call with Christer and his team.

Do Christer offer speaking at events?

You can read more about our offer Speaking here. If you want to send an speaking request to us, then feel free to send us an message on our contact page, we would love to hear from you!

Does Christer offer live webinars?

All live events will be published on our facebook group Mentor Christer Johnsen.

How long is a mentoring program?

Christer's mentoring programs are 3 or 6 months.

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