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Explore the power of visualization, self-growth, and the importance of thinking outside the box with my book Be daring. Be different. The book is available in Kindle and paperback.

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I have read your book from start to the end. I am very impatient and I want to get to the point as soon as possible to not lose time. It’s great!! Now I understand why I have succeeded with a number of goals in life and why I differ from the crowd. Some of my achievements has not been a coincidence. ​Now I am even more eager to meet my goals as soon as possible. I already have a plan that hopefully can change my life to the better within 6 months


This book combines a good overview of how to work with goal orientation, personality types and mental capacities, among other things. The personal touch and vulnerability adds depth to the logical path of the book. What I particularly like is the desciption of a personal journey through those glass ceilings we spend so much energy on in the various phases of our lives. The only thing I miss is that I would like to hear more about that personal journey through the learning stages. I hope there will be more to come.


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Johnsen's Approach

By meticulously analyzing personality traits and energy dynamics, Johnsen leads readers on a journey to uncover the purpose of life. Through step-by-step guidance, he facilitates a process of reverse-engineering one's existence. Readers gain insights into unlocking the mind's higher faculties and understanding the fundamental principles encapsulated by the seven laws of the universe. This transformative exploration offers readers a fresh perspective on life and empowers them to take control of their destiny. The book will help you:

Analyzing traits and energy to uncover life's purpose

Guiding step-by-step reverse-engineering

Empowering understanding of fundamental principles for transformative insight

Experience the Power of Group Mentoring with Christer Johnsen

Experience the Power of Group Mentoring with Christer Johnsen

Johnsen's Methodology

With a keen focus on self-image, goal setting, and energy management, Johnsen equips readers with the tools to reprogram their minds for success. His teachings enable readers to magnetize their minds, aligning them with their aspirations to manifest the life they envision. Emphasizing the significance of daily habits, Johnsen underscores how consistent, deliberate action combined with mindfulness leads to the creation of a fulfilling life. Through his guidance, readers learn to cultivate habits that pave the way for sustained success and lasting fulfillment.

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About Christer

Christer has a master degree in business and economics from Norwegian School of Management and senior management courses from INSEAD. He has created great results with his teams for more than 25 years. For 5 years he has been mentor helping clients creating great results.

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